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Mens Plimsolls

Invented in the 1830s for wearing on the beach and named for its resemblance to the plimsoll line on a ship, the plimsoll shoe has come a long way. Why has it lasted so long? Because, with its unparalleled comfort, easy going style, and eminent practicality, the plimsoll shoe is the perfect casual shoe for men or women.

One of the greatest quirks of the plimsoll is the fact that it matches the occasion '','' dress it up and it looks smart, dress is down and it looks casual. Easy to clean, more comfortable than words can convey, and, almost 200 years after its invention, a true classic, the plimsoll shoe is a style icon of men"s and women"s footwear.

Our range of men"s and women"s plimsoll"s is selected from some of the top brands and designers working in fashion today, so you can be confident in getting the coolest contemporary designs of this classic shoe. Browse our range and buy online today.

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